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SunFire At Flannel Fest 2019

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Proud Sponsor of Flannel Fest 2019!

SunFire heaters were on site at Flannel Fest 2019, keeping attendees warm in the cold outdoor weather. SunFire warming stations were located throughout Flannel Fest in downtown Janesville. SunFire was happy to sponsor a fun community event and proud to be manufactured in Janesville Wisconsin!

  • sunfire_wedding_testimonial_20161017_144458SunFire radiant heaters warming the guests of an outdoor October wedding reception in Wisconsin. The heaters provided great warmth and were quiet and odorless, keeping the guests very comfortable throughout the chilly fall night. Even the ever popular local band “Who Shot Sally” used a heater so they could comfortably play through the night.

    Kevin Knox Edgerton, WI
  • We have a large drafty fabrication space where we manufacture our steel storage tanks. The Minnesota winters can be very cold and windy. Last winter we replaced our old propane space heaters with the SunFire radiant heaters.  My guys loved them! Quiet, without the odor of the propane heaters and kept the work space very comfortable. We are looking forward to using them again this season.

    Skip Johnson Derson Mfg. Inc. | Watertown, MN
  • sunfire_880px_square_img_3473

    The SunFire Model 150 in a car wash bay in Leadville, Colorado at 10,200 ft. of elevation.

    Car Wash Heating Application Pumphouse Carwash and Lube | Leadville, CO
  • We used the SunFire radiant heater last winter in -20 degree cold working on harvesting parts from salvaged cars outside in the Wisconsin winter. The heater worked great! Always started and ran with no problems. We pointed the heater at a pile of scrap tires that were frozen in a pile of snow and ice. Within minutes, we could easily remove the tires from the pile and relocate them to another area of the yard. We love the portability of the SunFire, once when our shop heater ran out of fuel, we moved the heater into the shop and we could continue working without a problem. The work space was actually warmer than when we were using our regular heater.

    Dale Amundson Murray’s Auto Salvage Inc. | Broadhead, WI

Featured Industry Applications


For farming, ranching and other agricultural applications the SunFire 150 is rugged enough for the coldest outdoor environments.


Radiant Heat from the SunFire 150 can be positioned into tight spaces to keep you and your tools warm.


The SunFire Model 150 portability comes from solid rubber flat-free tires and an easy-lift folding handle so you can get warm heat wherever it’s needed.


The SunFire 150 radiant heater can increase productivity by keeping you and your employees warm by heating the space around you and not just the air.


The SunFire Model 150 portability allows you to roll it out on the field to keep your coach and players warm in all kinds of weather.


The SunFire 150 is portable enough that is can be easily re-positioned into workspaces where needed.


For parties and events, the SunFire 150 is able to warm your guests in coldest outdoor environments.


The SunFire 150 radiant heater can decrease drying time significantly by heating the objects and surfaces around you and not just the air.

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