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The SunFire radiant heater is 99.9% efficient. All of the fuel is converted to heat you and your tools, not all of the air around them, so you use less fuel. In addition, the SunFire is quiet and essentially odorless, much different than the cheap propane heaters you may know of.

Yes, but it does require a pure sine wave current inverter with a minimum capacity of 800 Watts. This type of inverter is common in many construction and trade vehicles.

Yes, unlike many of the competitive units, the SunFire is optimized to run best on diesel fuel versus kerosene. Quick starting even in very cold conditions and without smoke or smell in operation.

Yes, there is easy access to a thermostat input (bullet connector) that can be found just under the burner and can be accessed without removing the burner cover.

Yes, assuming the generator is in good working order, there is no problem. This is a common application.

We have a bumper to bumper warranty on all parts to operate in normal working conditions for one year. Contact a local dealer for support.

Call 1-855-251-1649 to or use the form on this site to locate your closest Dealer. In most cases, you will need to drop off the unit and pick it up when service is complete.

Yes, if you are reasonably handy with tools you should be able to handle any needed repairs yourself.

Yes, we have experience starting the heater from a cold start as low as -20 degrees F. In some cases, you may want to consider the use of a diesel fuel additive designed for cold start optimization.

Parts are stocked at your local Dealer. Call 1-855-251-1649 to locate the Dealer responsible for your location. Remember, the SunFire is manufactured in the USA, so the parts warehouse is also easily accessible for the Dealer if needed.

Yes, there is a simple air shutter kit that be installed in the field for heater use at altitude. The heater has been field tested at over 10,000 ft. of altitude. Contact your Dealer for your specific application.

No. The SunFire 150 has been manufactured for optimum efficiency and performance using Diesel or #2 fuel.

No, each heater is fully assembled and tested at the factory before shipment to your SunFire Dealer.

You can expect a normal run time of over 17 hours on high and 19 hours on low from a full tank.

No, the advanced fuel pump on the SunFire will allow you to easily start the heater without the need for messy priming.

Featured Industry Applications


For farming, ranching and other agricultural applications the SunFire 150 has rugged all-steel frame and a welded steel fuel tank tough enough for the coldest outdoor environments.


Radiant Heat from the SunFire 150 can be positioned into tight spaces to keep you and your tools warm so you and your mechanics can keep working in warm comfortable heat.


The SunFire 150’s portability makes it perfect for on-site construction applications with it’s solid rubber flat-free tires and an easy-lift folding handle you can get warm heat wherever you need it.


The SunFire 150 radiant heater can increase productivity in your facility by keeping you and your employees warm with radiant heating that warms people and objects around you and not just the air.


  • sunfire_wedding_testimonial_20161017_144458SunFire radiant heaters warming the guests of an outdoor October wedding reception in Wisconsin. The heaters provided great warmth and were quiet and odorless, keeping the guests very comfortable throughout the chilly fall night. Even the ever popular local band “Who Shot Sally” used a heater so they could comfortably play through the night.

    Kevin Knox Edgerton, WI
  • We have a large drafty fabrication space where we manufacture our steel storage tanks. The Minnesota winters can be very cold and windy. Last winter we replaced our old propane space heaters with the SunFire radiant heaters.  My guys loved them! Quiet, without the odor of the propane heaters and kept the work space very comfortable. We are looking forward to using them again this season.

    Skip Johnson Derson Mfg. Inc. | Watertown, MN
  • sunfire_880px_square_img_3473

    The SunFire Model 150 in a car wash bay in Leadville, Colorado at 10,200 ft. of elevation.

    Car Wash Heating Application Pumphouse Carwash and Lube | Leadville, CO
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