You can purchase from a local SunFire Dealer, with various online retailers, or direct in some cases if there is no dealer or reseller in your region. Find a Dealer on our Dealer Locator or call (855) 251-1649.

The SunFire 150 will outperform torpedo-style heaters in multiple important categories for many commercial applications. It’s more quiet, virtually odorless, and has ultra-low carbon monoxide emissions that far exceed OSHA standards for indoor commercial applications. This improves the health and performance of you and any of your employees.

In addition, radiant heat will heat people and objects directly rather than simply blowing hot air like torpedo/bullet heaters. If using near an open door our out in the weather, heat from the SunFire will warm an object regardless of wind, unlike forced air heaters that depend on warm air to heat an object. The SunFire warms objects just like the sun. The SunFire 150 is built rugged-tough in the USA, not in China.

Yes, but it does require a pure sine wave current inverter with a minimum capacity of 800 Watts. This type of inverter is common in many construction and trade vehicles.

No. The Sunifre 150 emits up to 1 parts per million of Carbon Monoxide exceeding the minimum OSHA Standard of 50 parts per million for an eight hour period. For more on the OSHA standard, visit HERE.

Yes. It can run off of a simple manual or battery operated wall thermostat. There is easy access to hook up the thermostat with thermostat wire and included bullet connectors that connect on the backside of the burner/control assembly without removing the burner cover.

Note: Do not use a wall thermostat that requires a 120V power source, such as a NEST, as that will damage the internal control primary.

Yes, assuming the generator is in good working order, there is no problem. This is a common application.

If your generator hasn’t been used in several months, let if run for approximately 15 minutes to build a proper charge in the capacitor before using your SunFire with the generator.

We have a bumper to bumper limited warranty on all parts to operate in normal working conditions for one year. Contact a local Dealer for support.

SunFire Heaters can be serviced by Authorized SunFire Dealers. Find your closest Dealer HERE. Or contact us at (855) 251-1649 or fill out the form on our contact page HERE for direct assistance.

Yes, if you are reasonably handy with tools you should be able to handle needed repairs yourself.

Yes, we have experience starting the heater from a cold start as low as -20 degrees F. The SunFire 150 comes with a heated fuel filter that keeps the fuel warm for quick start-up in cold conditions. The heater must remain plugged in to a power source to warm the fuel filter.

In some cases, you may want to consider the use of a diesel fuel additive designed for cold start optimization.

Parts can be purchased from your local SunFire Dealer. Find your local Dealer HERE, call us direct at (855) 251-1649, or email us HERE for assistance.

Yes, there is a simple air shutter kit that be installed in the field for heater use at altitude. The heater has been field tested at over 10,000 ft. of altitude. Contact your Dealer or reach us directly to purchase this kit at (855) 251-1649 or email us HERE.

The SunFire 150 has been manufactured and calibrated for optimum efficiency and performance using Diesel or #2 fuel. It has not been optimized for another fuel such as kerosene. Using another fuel would void the warranty.

You can expect a normal run time of over 17 hours on high and 19 hours on low from a full tank.